Getting Started With Message Horizon

Your Support Guide


This guide is to show you the basics of getting your first email marketing campaign up and running with step by step instructions. This guide will cover:

Managing your subscriber lists in Message Horizon
Designing your email
Scheduling and sending
Reports and analytics

Managing Subscribers

Organise your list

Ensure the column headers on your file are titled correctly:

email – fname – lname – company – town
Upload your list

To upload your list click ‘Lists’ and ‘Create List’.

Give your list a name e.g. Customers and a description – for later reference.

Click ‘Save List’.

Next find your list on your computer by clicking ‘Select file to upload’ or simply drag and drop your file onto the workspace.

You can now view the list anytime in the ‘Lists’ menu and your contacts will always be added to the ‘Master’ list.
Manage Contacts Menu

Add Contact – Allows you to add single subscribers

Export Selected Contacts – Using the checkboxes you are able to export a selection

Remove Selected Contacts – Will delete contacts that are checked from the list (not the master list)
Settings Menu

Edit List Name – Allows you to change the List name and description set in the first stage of creating your list

Enter email address search bar

This allows you search for a particular contact in your list
Upload a Suppression List

If you want to upload a suppression list at any time you can click on ‘Lists’ and click the ‘Upload Suppression List’ button in the top right corner.

This works in the same way as uploading a contact list. You need to ensure the correct field headers and you can choose to find the file on your computer or drag the contact file.

Designing Your Email Campaign

When it comes to your email design you have 2 options with Message Horizon. You can upload your own html email design or create one using our editor.

Start by clicking on ‘Messages’ and click on ‘Create Message’.

In the first stage you need to select the list you are sending the email to and click ‘Next’.
Message Info

Give your message a name, subject line, from name, email address and a reply email address to receive the replies to.

Here you can also select Tracking options.

Then click ‘Next’.
Select Template

To upload your own code click on ‘Code Your Own’ and search or drag and drop your html file.

To use one of our templates select ‘Basic’ and click the style you prefer from our options.
Design Message

Here you can drag and drop the elements you want within your design.

Content – includes design elements such as text, image, buttons, dividers, social links and dynamic content

Structure -includes different tables and columns for your email layout

Body – Sets general options such as email size, background colours and default fonts and link colours.

Preview – Shows you your email design in a Desktop view and a Mobile view.

Once you have finish designing your email you can click ‘Save’ for later or ‘Next’

Note: an unsubscribe option will be automatically added to the bottom of your email design.

Message Review gives you a final check of your email campaign details before you schedule to send.

Scheduling and Sending

After creating your message you will be taken to the sending options. This screen will tell you how many recipients you are sending to and to which list.
Send test email

Here you can send a test to your own email address (recommended) before you send to your entire list so you can review and test links in your email and check that the email is displayed correctly.

To do this, enter the email address you want to test to and click ‘Send test’
Send message now

This option is to send your campaign to your selected list immediately.
Schedule message for later

Here you can schedule your campaign to send at a different time or date (up to 7 days in advance). Select a date, time and time zone and click confirm. Your campaign will begin sending at the time you requested.

Reports and Analytics

Once your email campaign has been sent you can see how well it has performed with our detailed reporting. We recommend 24 hours later at the earliest to give your campaign time to be opened.

Click on ‘Reports’

This screen will show you the latest campaign in a snapshot, with all campaigns listed below.

Click on ‘View Report’ on the report you want to analyse.

This will give you an overview of your campaign statistics. If you selected to track opens and clicks in your campaign settings you will see them here.

Other information reported includes bounces, unsubscribes and unique clicks.

Further down you can also see your opens and clicks in a timeline report, showing the most popular engagement times and a breakdown of the top links clicked.

If you want to download a report you can use the drop down on the report in the ‘Reports’ link and select ‘Download Report’.