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How Has Email Marketing Evolved ... and Where Is It Headed?
Having been involved in email marketing for the last ten years in one way or another, it's interesting to see how the practice has evolved. In some ways the fundamentals haven't changed a great deal. Here's a look at where it may be headed....
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Email Marketing: Simple secrets to success
How successful are your email marketing campaigns? Do offers reach the right inbox? How many are opened? How many bounce? And most important of all, what proportion convert to sales? Here are some simple secrets of success.
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Message Horizon integrates with KashFlow
SMEs increase sales & site visitors with personalised email campaigns. Now that email marketing provider, Message Horizon has teamed up with the accounting software company, KashFlow, its users can access their financial data and use it to send unlimited email newsletters and promotions to any number of customers -- all for the low, fixed price of £29 per month.
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Start your own web-based business
A blog from Jonathan Rodger on on ideas for starting your own web business.
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Understanding how email works
Email marketing may no longer be the most fashionable form of digital marketing since the advent of social media but, in terms of business usage, it is still far ahead. The UK DMA’s SME Voice surveys in 2010 found that the share of small businesses preferring email communication rose from 69 per cent to 80 per cent....
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Measure for measure: How to gauge email marketing ROI
Jonathan Rodger looks at the relevance of ROI when examining email marketing and the importance of focusing on measuring absolute returns across multiple channels.
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Email marketing: 11 ways to make it work for your business
Tips to ensure your email marketing campaigns reach the right inbox, are opened, and most important of all, convert to sales.
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What happens when you press send: the anatomy of an email
How an email is constructed and what happens when you press 'Send'.
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Message Horizon Cuts Cost of Email Marketing for Small Businesses
Message Horizon boasts USP of fixed price for uncapped email distribution & database size.